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Construction Update

The process has been fascinating, and you can see it all in the Ed Center scrapbook. In late 2006 and early 2007 the site was excavated, footings were poured and volunteers put in almost 300 hours building ICF (insulated concrete form) walls, moving gravel and leveling the floor, laying out the floor heating tube, framing interior and exterior walls and cleaning up the barn - all under the guidance of architect Lee Schriever. The highlight of 2007 was moving the barn to the site on February 8th and 9th.

2008 accomplishments included framing and covering the south entrance roofline, installing the second level support beams and floor and removal of the hay mow.

Additional fundraising allowed for work to begin again in 2011 when the second level floor was completed, the east and west dormers were constructed and the north end roof addition was built. At that time the roof was sheeted, insulated and covered with steel. Exterior and interior doors and windows were also installed.

The barn was sided with recycled barn wood in 2012 and the north and east patios were poured. The screened porch on the northeast corner of the building was framed and storm windows and screens were constructed for the porch.

In 2013 the interior walls of the porch were finished with recycled barn siding and steel from the original barn structure. In addition, the north patio extension and retaining walls were completed, work on the HVAC system (including burying the geothermal loop and acquiring the heat pumps) was begun, preliminary site planning regarding the entrance road and parking was conducted, earthwork and grading (including the renovation of the pond south of the building) was completed and internal framing on the kitchen and bathrooms was finished.

Phase Three fundraising ($400,000) will allow us to continue progress on the Education Center with the south entry deck, patio and retaining walls, interior finish work, interior windows and doors, kitchen, elevator and furnishings.

Watching the barn move across the landscape and continue to evolve and change has been incredible. Don't miss out on the photos of the project in the Education Center Scrapbook and keep checking back to learn what happens next.

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