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Guadalcanal Memorial Prairie and Ranch

Guadalcanal Memorial Prairie & Ranch This 4944-acre property owned by Prairie Plains Resource Institute (PPRI) offers visitors access to a beautiful northern high plains landscape with its diversity of unique landforms, plants and wildlife. This property will eventually serve as a site for educational activities and research and as a meeting place.


Prairie Plains Resource Institute received this land gift in 1993 from Howard Juhl. According to the original gift agreement Mr. Juhl maintained the use and management of the land until 2005, whereby he assigned full ownership to Prairie Plains. His dedication of the property is in memory of the World War II Pacific campaign at Guadalcanal, where he was involved as a Navy diver. This is the second land gift from Mr. Juhl - the first was his 1983 gift of his family land of 320 acres in Buffalo County, Nebraska, which is dedicated as the Pearl Harbor Survivors Preserve.

Mr. Juhl purchased the ranch in 1992 from Martin Marshall. He was impressed by the beauty as well as the history of the area, and was able to visit for extended periods at least twice a year from his home in Los Angeles.

Unique Features

This northwest Nebraska landscape includes incredible vistas across the headwaters of the Niobrara River and to Wyoming’s Rawhide Hills to the west. It also has numerous small valleys and draws, steep cliffs and buttes, a length of the Niobrara River and lowland meadows. Because of its geology, variety of landforms and water features this ranch contains an unusual variety of native grassland plants and animals. In addition there are fascinating fossil beds under exploration by the University of Nebraska.

History is very accessible in northwestern Nebraska. The historic aspects of the Guadalcanal Memorial Ranch area complement the stories that visitors can explore at the museum in Harrison, Agate Springs National Monument, the Hudson-Meng Bison Kill site and Fort Robinson State Park.

Stewardship and Mission

Watershed Initiative:
Maintain sustainable water source in upper Niobrara Watershed.

Maintain a sustainable native grassland base to support a working ranch while also maintaining biodiversity.

Provide and encourage opportunities for people to enhance their knowledge of northern high plains history, culture, land use and ecosystem through research and lifelong learning.

Economic Development:
Participate in the development of a common vision to create new economic opportunities in Northwest Nebraska.

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